Union Beverage Packers, LLC

Who is Union Beverage....

    Union Beverage Packers, LLC, located in Hillside, NJ, was established in 2004 by a group of private investors. The company now employs more than 150 employees in a 3 shift, 24 hour operation.

The first hot fill line was commissioned by Fuze Beverage and went into production in July 2004 and was operated by a handful of employees during a one, ten hour shift. Over the next two years, volume grew steadily increasing to three, eight hour shifts.

 In March 2006, the second hot-fill production line was installed and commissioned. The new line runs plastic bottles and can fill up to 750 bottles per minute.

In July 2008, the third hot-fill filler and thermal system were installed as an extension to the existing Line 2. Both fillers combined can produce up to 1,200 to 1,400 bottles per minute.

 Today, Union Beverage Packers is the proud contract co-packer of world class brand names such as Coca-Cola's Glaceau Vitamin Water & Fuze, Apple & Eve, BOT Beverages, Healthy American Berverages, Function, Mother Parkers,  Sonu, SunOpta, Arizona and Lifestyle Beverages. NEW to our family we are proud to announce the following new customers, Nestle', Langers, 3rd Generation, and Title Sports. We are always getting new customers, will you be next?

The plant has capability to fill, heat set PET  and glass bottles of sizes ranging from 10 oz. to 32 oz plus larger sizes in the near future. (Coming soon, the capability to fill sizes such as 64oz, 96oz. Union Beverage  is proudly approved by OCIA (all organic production). We have capability to do small or large production batch sizes to suit the customer needs